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Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates
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1. Eggs and Egg Cases
2. Pupae and Exuviae
3. Parasitism, Predation, and Other Causes of Death
4. Sign on Vertebrates

5. Droppings, Secretions, and Protective Coverings without Foreign Materials

6. Webs and Other Silken Constructions

7. Cocoons

8. Coverings, Cases, Retreats, and Nests Made from Foreign Materials

9. Sign on Algae, Fungi, and Plants

10. Leaf Mines

11. Leaf Shelters

12. Galls

13. Sign on Twigs, Stems, and Stemlike Structures

14. Sign on and in Wood

15. Sign on Rocks and Shells

16. Burrows and Mounds

17. Molelike Excavations and Simple Surface Trails

18. Tracks and Trails

p. 110 Video of ants possessed by liver flukes:

p. 111 The ichneumon wasp that emerged from the pictured spicebush swallowtail chrysalis was Trogus pennator.
p. 112 Videos showing the behavior of caterpillars with and without Glyptapanteles parasitoids, as described in Grosman et al. (2008):
With parasitoids
Without parasitoids
This gruesome video shows a caterpillar giving its parasitoids a protective covering of silk before guarding them against hyperparasitoids:

p. 115 There is a collection of images of tachinid eggs attached to various insects here.
p. 116 Here is Jeff Hollenbeck's post on BugGuide about tachinid parasitoids influencing the behavior of a tiger moth caterpillar.
p. 116 Click here to see a crane fly with its abdomen swollen by a big-headed fly larva developing within.
p. 121 All of BugGuide.net's images of insects and spiders afflicted by pathogenic fungi are collected on this page.
p. 127 This image shows a woodlouse infected with an iridovirus.

Images ©Charley Eiseman/Noah Charney