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Tracks & Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates
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( taxa covered )
1. Eggs and Egg Cases
2. Pupae and Exuviae

3. Parasitism, Predation, and Other Causes of Death

4. Sign on Vertebrates

5. Droppings, Secretions, and Protective Coverings without Foreign Materials

6. Webs and Other Silken Constructions

7. Cocoons

8. Coverings, Cases, Retreats, and Nests Made from Foreign Materials

9. Sign on Algae, Fungi, and Plants

10. Leaf Mines

11. Leaf Shelters

12. Galls

13. Sign on Twigs, Stems, and Stemlike Structures

14. Sign on and in Wood

15. Sign on Rocks and Shells

16. Burrows and Mounds

17. Molelike Excavations and Simple Surface Trails

18. Tracks and Trails

British Leafminers -- This is a great reference for learning the characteristics of different groups of leafminers, even though most of the species aren't found in North America. -- The best online reference for leaf mines and other signs of small moths.

To request an ID for a leaf mine, or to see images of leaf mines that have us stumped, please visit this page.

p. 347 The mine in the lower right photo was made by Phyllonorycter olivaeformis. Here is an image of the adult moth that emerged from it.

Images ©Charley Eiseman/Noah Charney